Let's Talk About Black Friday.


Let’s talk about Black Friday.

As a lot of you may know, we aren’t big fans of Black Friday. Our prerogative is to offer our customers the best products, at the fairest prices we can, all year round. What’s more, we believe in investment buying over hyper-consumerism, so we build classic pieces that out last fleeting trends, and are kind to the planet.

Investment purchasing

Our products are built to last. The impact that we have on the environment is very important to us, and pushing unnecessary purchasing onto our customers promotes overconsumption, waste and damage to the planet.

When it comes to hyperconsumerism, we all know that the fashion industry is one of the worst offenders. As apparel and accessory makers, we have a responsibility to ensure our products are sustainably crafted, in timeless designs and will last for years and years to come. This way they will be treasured by their owners, and not just thrown out after fleeting trends. Our Classic belts have a 25 year warranty - you certainly don’t need us to persuade you to buy a new one every time Black Friday comes around!


Supply chain

The main companies who can compete in black friday sales are those who can apply huge discounts to the prices. Therefore something must have given way to allow for the reduction in price, something which results in the company being unsustainable. 

To drastically reduce prices without losing money, businesses must have huge margins. Large profit margins are created in a few different ways, like using unfairly low paid labour or using cheaply produced, unsustainable raw materials. Or it could just be economies of scale, meaning that large companies can produce huge amounts of stock, lowering the unit price. However small, independent businesses can never compete with these corporations, which contributes to the monopolies that these giants have.

By taking part in Black Friday sales, we would be saying its OK to over produce products at the cost of the planet, because we’ll buy them, so long as we think we’re getting a good deal.



Our pricing structure

It is important to us to be an honest, transparent brand. One element of this is our pricing strategy. We have made our products in house for over forty years. This gives us the unique ability to be unusually efficient in our manufacturing process. We have a plethora of machines, specifically collected to minimize labour efforts. These awesome artefacts combined with a lifetime’s worth of trial and error, mean that we’ve really squeezed that production time down to the bare minimum. Our manufacturing costs are therefore greatly decreased; we can make more belts, bags or braces in less time. Even after buying the best quality leathers, and paying our staff a fair wage, we can pass these great savings onto you as our customers. 

This means that it wouldn’t make business sense to put our products on sale. In fact we would likely lose money if we did so. Instead of selling our products at an inflated price most of the year to allow for slashed prices during sales, we chose to offer our customers the best price we can all the time, no matter what day, month or season.

It’s easy for us to be transparent with our customers because we’re just not the type of business that’s out to rip people off. We’re just a few lowly pairs of hands doing our best to make long lasting, functional products to the highest standards. There aren’t any big CEOs sitting around glass tables demanding higher profit margins, or greedy partners chasing bigger swimming pools. We simply love what we do. Job satisfaction means everyone’s a winner!



  • Posted on by David Mansfield
    Totally agree with you, when I see companies offering huge discounts on black Friday, it makes me wonder how much I’m getting taken for a ride the rest of the year. Your products are excellent quality and well priced, you’ve no need to jump on the bandwagon with this or any of these other gimmicks.
  • Posted on by Steph

    SOOOOO very well said! I live in the States and have several friends that own small boutiques, they are selective about what they sell and put special emphasis on it being either eco friendly OR ethically made by humans that are paid fair wages. I have great respect for that. It is so hard not to get sale goggles at a store, but I want to vote with my dollars and I want it to have an impact.
    I also have a soft spot for locally made and hand crafted. I’ve been to your booth and I’ve purchased products off of ETSY. I love the craftsmanship of everything – and I love that it is made by a real love individual in one of my favorite cities on the planet.
    So thank you for this post and for what you do. I’ll out of town for Black Friday (visiting family in another state for Thanksgiving), but shopping none the less. Not at the mall, but checking out the awesome small businesses in Northern North Carolina. Voting with my dollars and showing respect to those that put alot of love and soul into what they make.

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