• Holiday Gift Guide 2019 Part 1

    Holiday Gift Guide 2019 Part 1
    Our ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for 2019 is here. It's a bumper edition this year, so look out for Part Two coming up later in the week.
  • Let's Talk About Black Friday.

    Let's Talk About Black Friday.
    Here's why we're abstaining from sales this Cyber Weekend, and why we need to take a stand against mindless consumption.
  • Our Personalisation Service

    Our Personalisation Service
    With embossed personalisation, you can make your VL piece even more unique.Whether it's to add initials, monogram, a name, or a message for someone special, it's a great way to individuate and create a bespoke gift for someone, or to treat yourself.
  • The Repair Revolution

    The Repair Revolution
    Our 25 year Warranty: We’re so confident in the durability of our top quality belt leather paired with top notch buckles and press studs that we are able to offer our customers a promise - if your belt falls short of this high standard we’ll be more than happy to perform the necessary repairs to your faithful servant.
  • Rebranding Village Leathers

    Rebranding Village Leathers
    It’s been some time since Village Leathers has taken a look our branding, we thought it we’d have a go at refreshing it ourselves, who else can best encapsulate all that is Village Leathers? Over the years it’s had numerous iterations and you can always find our modest little stamp on your leather products made by us. As it’s our 45th year in business...
  • Theatre and Costume Briefs

    Theatre and Costume Briefs
     From time to time the team in the studio get a brief through for Theatre, film or prop making. The briefs are often incredibly diverse and allow us to really flex our creative talents.  The props are made to fulfil not only aesthetic requirements but last for months (sometimes under heavy use) and have a multitude of hidden features for quick change and stage craft...
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