This year we are doing something we have never done before! March’s lockdown inspired somewhat of a spring clear out here in the workshop, during which we uncovered some special pieces. So we’ve decided to celebrate our heritage this Black Friday in the form of a Sample Sale. We found all kinds of interesting pieces, some dating back to 2010! There’s prototypes and samples, as well as discontinued styles and colours. All of them are one-offs, and all of them should be out there in the world, rather than sitting in our workshop gathering dust. 

Many of them have marks where they’ve been sat on a shelf, strange colouring or quirks about them, which means we are selling them for a super discounted price. They are all perfectly functional, interesting and unique, and as they are no longer of use to us, it seemed like a perfect opportunity for us to get involved with Black Friday by selling these unique pieces, that already exist, and can go and fulfil their potential for years to come.

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