1 3/4" Buckle Wrecktangle
Our 1 3/4" Wrecktangle solid brass buckle is the type of belt buckle that does exactly what is says on the tin. A strong and classic full rectangle shape. Cast brass, these are available in it's original brass gold finish or with nickel...
1 3/4" Buckle Horseshoe
The Horseshoe 1 3/4" belt buckle is a wide half round shape with a straight prong, cast in solid brass.   Available in the original brass "gold" finish, or with hard wearing nickel free plating for a "silver" finish. Be...
1 3/4" Buckle Westend
The 1 3/4" Westend is a true classic belt buckle; strong elegant profile and rounded edges, with a solid prong, makes this buckle is a staple of any buckle lovers collection. Cast in brass, our Westend replacement buckles are available in...
1 3/4" Buckle Utilitarian
Our 1 13/4" Utilitarian belt buckle is a simple, functional, straight to business belt buckle.   Unfussy design in an antique gold or silver finish, the Utilitarian buckle is cast in Zamak - a hardwearing alloy of zinc, aluminium, magnesium and copper....
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