Our simple mission at Village Leathers is to provide classic and high quality pieces that are affordable and will last a lifetime. In order to make sure our crafts stay true to your investment out there in the wild, here's our advice on the best way to take care of all of your treasured leather pieces, and ensure they last as long as possible.



Caring for your Classic Leather Belt

All our Classic belts are made from full grain vegetable tanned leather; dense and durable, this leather is low maintenance and easy to care for. As you wear it, this rich natural leather will take on even more personality and individuality; it’s charm comes as it is used, aged, and gathers memories.

If you do feel it could do with a bit of a buff, we’d recommend a soft brush or a slightly damp cloth to give it a gentle clean, and most small scratches can be polished out with a clean, soft cloth. 



After you’ve given it a clean, or if you feel it’s in need of some extra affection, you might like to use a leather conditioner - these can also be handy for healing slightly deeper scratches - look out for one containing beeswax and/or natural oils, you should be able to pick some up from your local cobbler. Tempting as it may be to top up the colour, a neutral one would be recommended on belts, as it will rejuvenate the colour slightly without the risk of colour transfer that comes with creams and polishes containing colour.

Try not to let your belt get wet, if it does, towel it and then allow it to dry naturally - away from heaters and the like. It might be worth giving it a little condition after too. 

The belts will be happiest stored hanging from their buckles, so as to maintain their shape and enjoy an airing.



The buckles we use for our classic belts are Brass or Zamak (an alloy similar to brass), they shine up a treat with typical metal polishes and many of our classic belts come with press studs so the buckles can be removed for a full on hearty clean. 

With a little care and love your belt will keep you an excellent companion; and being as they are constructed from supple Italian vegetable tanned leather and carefully selected buckles, each of our classic belts comes with a 25 year warranty -  if a component falls short of this standard, we’ll be happy to perform necessary repairs on your belt. 



Caring for your Leather Accessories

Our Colourful soft italian leather accessories are very low maintenance; similarly, try to avoid getting them completely wet, and they can be cleaned with a soft brush, or a damp cloth. Designed to be durable, the solid colour finish can conceal a few more bashes than the natural grain leather but they never say no to a good going over with a leather cleaner and a clean cloth.

It's worth keeping in mind that as leather is a porous material, with a natural finish, it can be just as at risk of stains or absorbing unwanted blights and blots. There are sealant sprays available, which do help protect your leather goods and can also help protect colour transfer onto lighter coloured clothing. 


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