Here at Village Leathers we pride ourselves on producing high quality Leather belts and Accessories.  We’re so confident in our Classic Belts that we offer a 25 year warranty to customers who purchase one.  The Classic Belts are made from hand picked Italian vegetable tanned leather - renowned for its thickness, supple nature and superb quality. Paired with top notch buckles and poppers these belts are built to last. 

That’s why, if a component falls short of this high standard we’ll be happy to perform necessary repairs on your belt. 

Which belts are covered?

To be eligible for our 25 year warranty your belt should be purchased from our Classic Belt collection.  You can identify them by the warranty icon in the product page. You’ll also be able to find the belt has a 25 year warranty stamp on the reverse. We offer our Classic Belts in a range of widths, from 1” all the way up to 2” wide, in black, brown and tan. They include tooled versions and the 1 1/8th Plate belt too.

How to claim

Please email us at if you have a problem with one of our classic belts. If you can provide pictures, proof of purchase and a short description we’ll get back to you with the best way to proceed.

Natural Wear and Tear

Our 25 year warranty is designed to assure customers of our top quality craftsmanship and materials. If a belt has been subject to abuse it may not be covered within our warranty.  We aim to assess the circumstances fairly and can offer a repair service at a reasonable price if it turns out it’s not covered.

Still got questions? Drop us a line at

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