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We’ve been offering our personalisation service for a good while now and we’ve finally got the hang of it! It's taken us a fair while to make friends with our monogramming friend. It’s a real nail biter - lowering the hot platform down onto the pristine wallet, knowing that just a split second lapse in concentration is going to mean starting again from scratch.


It's been tricky to figure out the best way to offer it to you guys as well, as you may know already, we make our products in small batches so that we can keep our prices low. This means that it's been hard to work out how to personalise your items in a way that won’t cost the earth. Trial and error has proved to us that we simply can’t afford to make up a one off item in order to personalise it, so we have to monogram it after item is made. So the risk factor is a lot higher - one slip and a whole wallet is ruined! Luckily, our awesome team have really nailed down the skills it takes to make sure they get the perfect embossing everytime.


We have previously offered our personalisation service across our whole range of handmade products, but there’s always been a clear favourite. The slick design of our card holder lends itself perfectly to monogramming, and practically, it’s the easiest item for us to add that personal touch to. So to keep our prices lovingly affordable, we are rolling out the personalisation service across all of our Chroma and Roam card holders; you can choose whether you’d like a message or not when you add it to your bag. We use Baskerville font; it’s classic serif design is perfectly timeless. There’s space for 10 characters, they’re size 18 and all upper case, perfect for initials and dates. Then don’t forget the most important part! Add a note in the checkout to tell us what perfectly honed message you’d like us to add.  


Get creative! From the cute, the sassy, to the darn right strange, we’ve monogrammed some fantastic messages and thoughts onto your leather goods in the past. The classic initials and dates are always a winner, and always look so decadent. But why not mix it up? Add a personal message to make a gift really special and unique to the recipient - they’ll think of you every time they see it.

If you’ve purchased personalisation in the past you may notice that you can’t seem to add it to products other than our card holders. We’ve decided to halt personalisation offerings on other items for now; we’re a modest team of four working our hardest to get all our orders made and sent out as quickly as we can and unfortunately, something had to give. If you would like another product personalised, shoot over an email and we’ll put a quote and time frame together for you in a jiffy. Don’t sweat it though, we’ll figure out a way to get personalisation back up and running across the whole VL range for you in no time.

We’re really chuffed to offer our personalisation and monogramming service, it’s a fantastic way to make each piece even more unique and exclusive. Moreover, we love hearing your ingenious ideas to really individuate a bespoke gift for someone - have some fun with it!


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