A Little Bit About Our Packaging


As more and more purchasing seems to be going online, the question of packaging and low impact delivery becomes ever more pertinent. 

For some time now, it has been important to us that our packaging be recyclable, and we are delighted to say that all of our packaging is paper/cardboard based - including the tape! 

Conscious of the over abundance of plastic, we wanted to find a balance between recyclable, minimal impact, packaging, while at the same time honouring our commitment to aesthetics, craft, and attention to detail; we’re proud of our products and we want them to arrive looking as cared for as they are. 

Aware that packaging will be thrown away almost immediately, our aim was to minimise the quantity used, sourcing recyclable and where possible recycled materials, whilst ensuring presentation and safe travelling of our products.

Our belt sleeves snugly hold each rolled belt, making it easy to pack and offering some protection on it’s travels. Similarly, our braces cards make for easy packaging, while showing off the style of braces, and keeping them smooth and sleek until they’re ready for action.

Each of our handmade purses and pouches come neatly tucked in grey paper bags, sealed with our logo; the presentation is important for us, but we have every confidence in our products, so we try to keep the extras and padding to a minimum in order to let our designs shine and speak for themselves. 

However, in trying to strike a balance, we noticed that often the most sustainable options are more expensive and as we were reluctant for too much cost to be passed on to our customers, unfortunately we still have ink that is non-degradable, however we are constantly working, aiming towards entire biodegradability of our packaging and indeed our products.

So we'll keep working, making efficiencies and aiming to minimise impact, in the meantime, while we do love our logo, we'll try not to go too heavy on labels and tags, to combine branding and presentation; so you know that you’re receiving -or gifting!- a brand new, but uniquely hand made and well loved item.


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