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We thought it might be nice to share a little about what we do here at Village Leathers and about ourselves so you know exactly who makes your Leather belts and accessories. We’ve been making all kinds leather accessories since 1974. Started by Tony and Angie, it remains a family business 45 years on. Producing timeless classic satchels and meticulously minimal card wallets to the latest leather fashion accessories. 

Over the past 4 decades we have become an established independent business born in the heart of London.  We began as a street trader, then grew to have stores in Covent Garden and we’re now building an online following worldwide too.

In a world of fast fashion and mega companies it’s not easy for a small business like us to compete. However, with a dynamic team who turn their hand to anything, we can pool our skills and experiences to create on accessories that are the perfect combination of form and function. Our dutiful workshop is the most long standing team member, who has been here from the beginning, we love it, even if it does get a bit chilly in Winter! It houses machinery that lets us design, cut and sew just about anything. Our machines range from 1-100 years old, the latter often giving us the run around with their unique charm.  

The building was once home to horses that serviced the streets London. Nowadays our workshop is a space for new ideas, creativity and photography and a space to produce small batches for our shops and online customers.  We’re really lucky to have this space in London. So, let's introduce you to our team.

In the shops we have the wonderful Angie, Bridget and Jurgita taking care of customers and keeping up with the hustle and bustle of Jubilee Market, Covent Garden. With over 70 years in the biz between them these ladies know their nappa from their suede and could probably sell a leather belt to the cow that jumped over the moon. 
In the workshop there’s four of us that produce the goods, Mark, Candy, Candy (I know right) and Verity.  Mark was practically born and raised in the workshop, he is the son of Tony & Angie after all. Mark has lived and breathed leather all his life. His tacit knowledge is unparalleled by the rest of us and you can usually rely on him to know the thickness of a leather just by the feel of it. 

Candy has the amazing gift of foresight, she can predict and solve problems before the rest of us have had our morning coffee, keeping us on track on this rollercoaster of a business. She spends a lot of time working on exciting bespoke orders for theatre and film.  Often spotted out and about on her bike sporting chic sunnies or some avant garde creation she’s handmade herself.  Candy (aka Kay) is a very talented crafter; she learned the leather trade in a repair shop and then began making bespoke items, we are delighted to of had her join the team in October. Always working on her own projects using exciting materials - at the moment she's into Cork. 

Last but not least, there's Verity, she's a northern lass turned southerner, Verity has practiced design for 10 years and creates and experiments with new designs for Village Leathers. She loves nothing more than making products that will be treasured for years to come.

So that's us, handcrafting designs that are affordable for all, one stitch at a time.


  • Posted on by Vivien Bush

    Good to learn a little about you all. My xmas present braces for hubby were well received look good and do the job! I love your photos and hope to buy more in the future.

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