Our Values


At the core of Village Leathers is a set of long held beliefs, honed and curated over our 40 years of experience. We endeavour to design and make affordable, quality products that can last a lifetime. Below we’ll look into how we do this in a little more detail.

Classic & Practical Design

We have been hand crafting leather goods in London for over four decades. This has given us lots of time to develop a core range of classic products that will not date, only improve as they are worn and used. We listen to the needs of customers and tweak the designs into their quintessential form and function. Further to that we streamline the manufacturing process while utilising time-tested traditional leather crafting techniques. The resulting products are timeless designs and of unparalleled quality. 

Having this collection of classic designs gives us the space to push our creative boundaries through small, seasonal batches of products that incorporate current trends or themes. Whether that's looking at a particular colour palette or leather type we always practice using responsibly sourced materials and design techniques that last.

Handcrafted Quality

While the function and aesthetic of our products is vital to our customers using and enjoying our products, we believe making them to be long lasting, durable and repairable is of equal importance. To make products of this standard we use the highest quality leathers, solid components and thoughtful construction techniques.  The leathers we use are robust and tightly grained, this means they can last for many years, develop unique patina and remain low maintenance to care for.

Our careful construction techniques let us repair and replace components as needed over the products long lifespan. Breathing new life into beloved items that can be handed onto the next generation.



An Affordable Investment

Our London workshop houses a collection of unique machines which, when combined with our small team of experienced and dedicated craftspeople, allows us to create beautifully crafted, timeless pieces that are affordable for everyone.

By producing our designs in small batches we have found a good balance. We can offer a range of colourways and designs to meet customer demand, while working efficiently enough to keep our prices low. Our machinery is old, but rather than replace them we choose to fix them if they go wrong.

The values outlined above inform our daily decision making, from improving the efficiency of pattern cutting to incur less waste, or picking out the right kind of tape for our online orders we strive to make the best products for our customers and the environment.  In contrast to a world of throw away fashion we believe our core values lead us to make products which are appropriate in every setting, outlive every fleeting trend, and only get better with age.

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