Making Of: Classic Leather Belts

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Ever wondered how your belt was born? Here's an insight into the processes each belt goes through to become your wardrobe staple. From selecting hides, to cutting, splitting and stamping, it's all done by our fair hands and our trusty mechanised companions.



 It's quite a process, as you can see. But we think we've got it down to a fine art.

The mechanised parts of our process mean our belts are made super efficiently in terms of labour time and leather usage. Basically we can make em fast with minimal waste! 

By combining this with constant human supervision, we can maintain upmost attention to detail and the handmade quality standard. 

So that's how our belts are available at such great quality and totally affordable prices. It's a win-win!

Check out the collection of Men's Classic Belts and Women's Classic Belts to find your perfect match.

How do you like our Making Of video? Let us know in the comments which product you would like to see us make next!

1 comment

  • Posted on by Vivien Bush

    It’s here! My long awaited comment! Great video and good to see how man or in this case woman work together with machine. I would love to see how the soft leather in such a variety of colours turns into a beautiful coin purse. Thank you (please edit as necessary)

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